Music Lessons

Dave teaches drums and creative percussion, guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, marimba, vibraphone, and ukulele.

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Dave Mihaly teaches people of all ages to play music that they love. Whether you are a professional who wants to learn your favorite songs, a kid who wants to play your favorite tunes, or a professional musician who wants to make a leap in your playing, Dave’s teaching style is present, patient, masterful and fun. A teacher and performer for over 45 years, Dave has a gift for meeting students right where they are, without judgement. A master improviser, he helps to free you from the critic within, so that you can feel free to play well and have a great time while doing it. Dave is known for his strong abilities in working with people with different learning styles.

Fundamental musical skills are addressed; ear training, reading notation and tablature, ensemble playing, time, musical expression, and applicable theory. Joy is emphasized.

Instruments taught include; guitar, drums and percussion, piano, electric bass, ukulele, marimba and vibraphone.

Dave offers music programs for individuals, as well as teaching Friends and Family Bands, where you spend quality, fun time playing music together. Friends and Family Bands have the option of recording music videos for gifts or posterity.

Lessons are available in your home or office, at Dave’s studio, or online. If you would like more information about playing music with Dave, click here and schedule a time to talk. Or if you prefer, you can click here to send Dave an email.