Dave Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Ensemble
Euro and Solo (2015)
Dave Mihaly- drums, guitar, voice, marimba, vibes, compositions
Jon Birdsong- cornet, cornetto, percussion
Tim Coenen- 12 string guitar, bass, drums

Dave Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Ensemble
Rivers (2013)
Dave Mihaly- drums, percussion, guitar, vocals (tracks3,7,10,12), compositions
Ara Anderson- trumpet, percussion, drums (tracks 3,12)
David Boyce- tenor& soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion, drums (tracks 9,10)
Michael Cavaseno- guitar, percussion
Charith Premawardhana- viola, percussion
Bill Noertker- bass (track 2)

Dave Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Ensemble
Eastern Accents in the Far West (2010) (Porto Franco Records)
Dave Mihaly- drums, piano, voice (track 9), compositions
Ara Anderson-trumpet, bass trumpet, sousaphone, drums
David Boyce-tenor saxophone, drums

Dave Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Coretet
Live at Sacred Grounds (2001)
Ara Anderson – trumpet, calaphone; Chris Arnold – musical saw; Seth Augustus – igil, throat singing; Jolie Holland – viola, percussion, voice; Brian Miller – guitar; Erik Pearson – guitar; Dave Mihaly – guitar, drums, percussion, marimba, voice.

Dave Mihaly String Quartet #1, The Influences of the Invisible (2005)
Linda Robertson – violin; Sarah Jo Zaharako – violin; Yehudit – viola; Beth Snellings – cello; Dave Mihaly – composition

Dave Mihaly String Quartet #2, The Spider Quartet. (2006)
Carey Lamprecht – violin; Sarah Jo Zaharko – violin; Bill Noertker – contrabass; Eric Perney – contrabass; Dave Mihaly – composition

Dave Mihaly String Quartet #3, 4×6=the Garden in the Dunes Quartet – Music for four guitars (2008)
Michael Cavaseno – nylon string guitar; Chris Fortier – steel string guitar; Dave Mihaly – nylon string guitar; Roger Riedlbauer – steel string guitar, electric guitar; Dave Mihaly – composition

Dave Mihaly, The Deneb Quartet – music for strings, metal percusssion, and bass drum (2009)
Enzo Garcia – long neck banjo, enzophone, saw, percussion; Dina Macabee – violin, mandolin, percussion; Dave Mihaly – guitar, percussion, vibraphone, bass drum; Charith Premawardhana – viola, percussion; Dave Mihaly – compostion


Jolie Holland
Catalpa (Anti)
Escondida (Anti)
Springtime Can Kill You (Anti)

After the End of the World Coretet
Quaternity (Crystal Egg Records)
13 (AEWC Records)

Ara Anderson
The Iron and the Albatross

Bardo self titled (Odrab Records)

Jon Birdsong
Kaleidophone Offrenda
Blue Period

DaMaDa Live at the Union Hall

David Dondero Shooting at the Sun with a Water Gun (Future Farmer)

Sean Hayes Alabama Chicken

Sonia Hunter
Favorite Short Stories
Headlights and Other Constellations

Oh They’re Weird and Wonderful
Joint Happening (with Eddie Gale)
Foxy Music
Glazed Popems
Yesterday I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers (with Alison Levy)
I Really Dont Mind if You Sit this One Out

Noertker’s Moxie (selected)

Obsidian, self titled

Rent Romus and the Lords of Outland
The Metal Quan Yin (Edgetone)
Adapt or Die (with John Tchicai)
Avatar in the Field (music of A. Ayler)